Cost–benefit analysis of sport events: The case of World Paddle Tour

Nowadays tourism is one of the maximum crucial sectors of our country, and no one has any doubt approximately importance of sport for the financial system. Both concepts create “sports tourism”, and “wearing occasions” are its best exponent this is having unique importance each at educational and at the financial and social ranges. Taking into consideration the above, this research goals to investigate socioeconomic effect of the paddle tournament “Caceres International Open 2013”. The CBA method will be used; its most important objective is to calculate a gain/cost ratio analyzing the contribution made by way of agencies of respondents (attendees and members). Among final conclusions of this examine we set up exceptional groups of stakeholders, and this methodology may be applied to those companies to fee the effect of carrying occasions. It has also been located out that the contribution made by way of public institutions has economic results in other sectors of the metropolis; so wearing activities can be taken into consideration a supplement of the tourism zone.

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1. Introduction
Celebration of any event in a city requires its organizers to apply numerous assets. The evaluation of the type of event will determine if all essential resources or just a number of them have been contributed by public or personal region, or by way of each of them. The intervention of public administration in an event via the supply of resources is a end result of numerous decisions of political and administrative government, and it’s far a demonstration of the reality that promotion of social occasions is above merely income goals.

However, the involvement of presidency in these activities is not confined to the promotion of an hobby taking area, however it also has specific results for the location. These effects or outcomes are difficult to quantify, for the reason that in many instances there are not any statistics for their analysis, or they may also be intangible elements, as, for instance, the surroundings.

Moreover, we cannot overlook that advertising of sport through the authorities follows the Constitutional requirement. Thus, the synopsis provided by means of the Parliamentary Counsel Pedro Peña in 2004 and up to date by the Parliamentary Counsel Sara Sieira in 2011 in terms of the 0.33 paragraph of the Article forty three of the Spanish Constitution says: “guiding principle installed for social and monetary policy and falling to the public authorities is promoting of fitness education, bodily education and sports, as well as the duty to encourage the right use of entertainment time”. This manner the Spanish Constitution, as well as different present day Constitutions, including the one of Portugal, highlights the significance of game. According to the Parliamentary Counsels, the Autonomous Communities have reacted to the constitutional mandate of game promoting, contemplating that the general public of the Autonomous Communities already has regulatory requirements for sport.

As a result, sports activities activities have the right justification through the government in our society, combining sports activities promotion with entertainment facilities for citizens. The kind of occasions supplied via the government are a end result of choices of the government in accordance to the perceived call for in society, considering budget constraints that affect them.

In addition, sports tourism through sports events can be considered an opportunity manner to complement the seasonality of tourism in a metropolis. It is essential to research such activities in regions in which they’re organized with the goal to apply these records for the decision-making and for the generations of the highest revenue. Promoting activities related to sports activities tourism can provide some of assets to the tourism region in regions wherein it’s miles important to alternate the seasonality and to beautify the sustainability of the world.

It ought to additionally be stated that when public funds are used, a few research quantifying economic profits associated with the mission extra extensively ought to be commissioned (Howard & Crompton, 2005); in a manner that, as Sánchez and Barajas (2012), studies of the economic effect permit decide if an investment will produce returns to the location in which it is made and to its population, as the choice to sell such investment may additionally impact on era of financial interest and activity advent.

Considering the above, this studies goals to carry out an evaluation of socioeconomic impact of the paddle tournament “Caceres International Open 2013”, sports occasion held in Caceres city from the 20th till the twenty sixth May 2013. To this end, having reviewed one-of-a-kind feasible strategies, the CBA method became carried out; its foremost goal is to achieve a advantage/value ratio. However, it isn’t enough to know the quantity of the cost or advantage generated by using the occasion, but it is also of super interest to recognize who has contributed to it and to find out its quantity. Thus, it’s far crucial to perform a radical analysis of respondents (attendees and participants) that allows you to deepen the studies findings. Also, the take a look at of these surveys will become aware of the outside effects generated through the championship: respondents’ pleasure, improvement of the photo of the municipality, or appreciation of the monetary and social effects, amongst other things.

The paper has 4 sections, except this creation. A brief precis of the research on sports tourism is made in Section 2. The current strategies are studied in Section three, and the methodology used in this paintings is justified. In Section 4 we carry out an empirical take a look at and examine its results. In the remaining segment very last conclusions of the study are described, in addition to a few barriers and future studies.

2. Theoretical framework: sports activities tourism
Nowadays tourism is one of the maximum crucial sectors of our united states of america, and no person has any doubt approximately its significance for the financial system. In view of the above, and in step with Latiesa and Paniza (2006: 133) who claim that “interconnection between tourism and sport is obvious in advanced societies”, we consider crucial to apprehend the relationship between tourism and sport this is why we have performed a literature evaluation that lets in us to deepen into the idea of “Sports Tourism”. In this research we have observed out that “game” and “tourism” are complementary activities. Sports occasions generate tourism, and vacationers do exclusive activities such as sports practices while playing their amusement time.

The courting among tourism and sport become proven for the primary time in Anthony’s research (1966); from that moment research on tourism and sports started out to be executed (Armstrong, 1985, Baker and Gordon, 1976, McDowell et al., 1988, Williams and Zelinsky, 1970). However, any studies on so called “sports tourism” had no longer been achieved until the Nineteen Nineties with the examine of De Knop (1990). During that decade many authors supplied definitions of “sports tourism”; we can highlight among them some contributions through Hall (1992), Gammon and Robinson (1997) or Standeven and De Knop (1999).

Besides the above works, there had been many authors who did literature opinions regarding this subject matter; we will mention the ones by Delpy (1998), Keller (2001), Gibson (2003) and Weed, 2006, Weed, 2009.

The statistics we will discover in the annual statistical directory posted in 2013 and 2014 show that the trips of Spanish citizens made essentially on the event of a few game cause multiplied more than 60% from 2007 to 2012, being 1534.4 (thousand of trips) and becoming 2573.2 (thousand of journeys); it prompted an increase of 39.7% of the whole spending caused by this type of tourism meaning 384.1 hundreds of thousands Euros spent in 2007 and 536.6 hundreds of thousands Euros spent in 2012. These statistics reveal the significance of this monetary zone of Spain, displaying that the game one is one of the segments of the traveler quarter that grows right away.

We need to consist of a idea of “sports events” into sports activities tourism, due to the fact in recent times it has special significance and advertising, being taken into consideration one of the maximum essential components of sports activities tourism, and possibly the most vast one in terms of variety of travelers and its financial effect (Deery et al., 2004, Getz, 2003). While the most important sports activities occasions had been deeply analyzed when it comes to their impact on the cities where they’re held, we can’t forget about the significance of smaller sports occasions which contain wealth creation in the environment in which they take location, especially because of the huge wide variety of attendees and participants (Barajas and Sánchez, 2011, Hurtado et al., 2007, Wilson, 2006).

3. Applied technique: value/gain analysis
As it’s been explained previously, the objective of this studies is to analyze the financial impact generated for Caceres metropolis by means of the paddle match “Caceres International Open 2013”. An ok technique will be applied to gain this goal, and it will likely be defined on this section. Furthermore, the carried out valuation method can be described, and it will likely be explained why it has been selected, in addition to one-of-a-kind theories and equipment that have helped us in our studies. However, earlier than we begin with the exposition of the methodology, we would like to reveal distinct valuation strategies used to measure the effect of sports occasions.

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