Exchanging Business Cards in Japan – Japanese Etiquette

when you attend a corporation meeting in Japan, you can widely talking likely undergo the ritual of meishi-koukan – commercial business enterprise card trade.

So what is this ritual?

prepare your business playing cards

Have your industrial organization gambling playing cards or meishi equipped, because the enterprise card exchange ritual is usually the number one issue that takes region at a meeting.

if you visit a eastern company, make sure you have sufficient meishis in your pleasant agency card or meishi holder (it is quite endorsed to purchase a business card holder or meishi-ire to hold your cards in appropriate conditions, as well as keeping the meishis that you bought). despite the fact that you may have arranged a meeting with one or two people, it’s far very commonplace to have more people from the opportunity facet attending. normally the man or woman’s supervisor, and the manager’s manager can also attend.

If more than one people are meeting from every sides,it is frequently the most junior ranked man or woman who tactics first to begin the ritual, though there may be times wherein the senior ranked people will trade meishis with each other first, then the subsequent in line, all of the manner all the way down to the maximum junior character.

the beginning of the ritual

maintain your private meishi with each palms (at the corners so that you do not cover the textual content or your enterprise brand), with the textual content dealing with the man or woman you are converting with. this is that the opposite man or woman can right now study your statistics after they collect your meishi.

in case your meishi has English on one aspect, and eastern on the alternative, show the japanese element if you recognize the alternative person is familiar with jap.

As you exchange your meishi, give a brief self advent:

ABC kabushiki-gaisha-no-John Smith-to-moushimasu – “i’m John smith from ABC employer”.

(of direction, update along side your business enterprise call and your very very own name.)

Receiving the meishi

get hold of the meishi with each fingers, and explicit your gratitude thru announcing:

Choudai-itashimasu. Yoroshiku-onegaishimasu. – “thanks in your enterprise card.”

it’s far generally right manners to first study the statistics (or faux to), after which change small communicate. usually, if you are the foreigner, you will be requested in which you’re from.

After receiving the meishi

Do not area them again into your meishi holder as it’s far considered very rude.

depart it at the desk till the meeting ends. Having the meishi to your view is a outstanding reminder of the person’s call in case you want to consult them by manner of call.

in case you had exchanged a couple of meishis, location them within the order of where the humans are seated.

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