Graduated and Obtained Your Teacher Certification

Graduating from college is no doubt exciting. That feeling that you are finally coming to the end of many years of continuous learning and moving on to applying what you have learned is elating. But the excitement is often tempered by a tinge of fear about just how well you will manage the transition from student to teacher.

Don’t feel that you need to rush though. Once you have your certification, make your career decisions carefully depending on what interests you and what your career objectives are.  Of course, there are also those graduates who have been completing their studies part time since they were already employed full time. For such individuals, the challenge may not seem as large as those facing the beginning of their professional lives. However, they will still need to reevaluate their career objectives and make changes to conform to their newly acquired teacher certification.

If you are joining the teaching job market for the first time, you will need to evaluate your career options in the context of your teaching certification and area of expertise. At the beginning, the range of choices to make may seem vast and can feel a little overwhelming. But as you zero in on the areas that are most attractive to you, the decision will start to look easier. The best approach is often to begin this analysis before you graduate. This will buy you significant lead time which will see you joining the job market more quickly.

If you already have a job when you graduate, do not limit yourself to thinking about your career only in the context of the opportunities available at your current place of employment. Of course you could use your certification to ask for a promotion or a pay rise, but there is no harm in looking for other opportunities if you think your new certification is unlikely to find relevance in your current teaching position. Transitioning is often easier to do than looking for a job afresh, since you already have a fall back plan in the event that the new job you are looking for does not work out.

Getting a teaching job immediately after graduation is never assured. You could register with a credible recruitment agency that can help you look for a job faster, though. Such agencies have contacts with key educational institutions and will sometimes be among the first to know when a vacancy arises. You will still have to develop a detailed resume and cover letter, and then distribute them to both the recruitment agencies and directly to potential employers that are looking for teachers with your level of education and experience. After submitting your resume to the institutions you are interested in, follow up with a phone call or email to show that you are interested in the position.

Looking for a teaching position after your graduation is serious and hard work, and the task can make you feel frustrated. The key to starting off on the right foot is to begin with an accomplishment-based, keyword-rich, visually-appealing, resume and cover letter. When you have fine-tuned these marketing documents make sure you keep applying for jobs – remember, a school district is not going to come looking for you. Be active in your job search, and eventually you will find the job that you have been looking for.

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