Proper Care for Underwear

It is no secret that bras can get expensive, especially for a professionally fitted bra that supports your breast tissue best. Many times, women purchase expensive undergarments and make the mistake of throwing them in the wash with the rest of their clothing. This is a huge mistake. Bras are not completely foolproof. The general wear and tear can cause them to stretch out and not fit properly. It is important that you take proper care of your undergarments. This means not throwing them in the wash with just regular detergent careproper.

Problem: meet solution. Literally. Forever New Fabric Wash is an extra gentle, but super powerful garment wash that uses organic and biodegradable ingredients to promote longer life for your favorite lingerie and hosiery. Forever New is available in a granular form as well as a liquid, with Ovacion that is especially effective on dark colors. Forever New has also recently developed a powerful stain remedy, which guarantees to cause no harm to your undergarments and contains to solvent or chlorine. This stain remedy is made of coconut and palm kernels, is biodegradable and even works on older stains. Do not throw out stained undergarments ever again!

You may be thinking that this sounds like too much work. Just separating whites from darks makes you want to pull your hair out, but trust us. It will make you and your skivvies happy. Simply get a separate basket for undergarments, so that you may wash them separately without having to dig through your laundry bins. Just make sure you set your washer to a delicate cycle with a small load, so you avoid wasting water.

Washing your underwear separately also ensures saving money; that you do not have to go out and buy new bras every six months. Forever New ensures that your undergarments will stay comfortable, supportive and intact. They are called delicates for a reason!

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