Shiori Hirose Hirose Shiori is a twenty year elderly person who is one of just

Shiori Hirose Hirose Shiori is a twenty year elderly person who is one of just a joker modest bunch not many extra BOARD people after it was attacked by the conveyed Undead, helping the Riders by perceiving the Undead on her Undead-glancing through PC. She appears to truly zero in on Kenzaki beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Shiori Hirose is portrayed by Yumi Egawa

Kei Karasuma Karasuma Kei) is the President of BOARD. A 48-year-old instructor who made the Rider structures 01 and 02 (Garren and Blade), similarly as the Leangle System (03), while he was leveled out of Isaka. During his developments, he becomes companions with Noboru Shima, whom he depended the Rouze Absorbers to disregarding acknowledging he was an Undead. He is moreover aware of the indication of Kenzaki’s King Form similarly as Tennoji’s game plans of the fake Battle Fight.

4 years in non-acknowledged film after the game plan end he and Tachibana endeavored to cover 52 cards, when Albino Joker appeared and opened Undeads, who attacked and killed Karasuma.

Kei Karasuma is portrayed by Kazuhiro Yamaji Yamaji Kazuhiro).

Yoshito Hirose

Yoshito Hirose Yoshito) is Shiori’s father, the one responsible for breaking the Undead’s seal in an assault of frenzy, kicking the container at the same time. He made the Trial-game plan Undead Trial B , Toraiaru Bī) in his image to guarantee Shiori, having all his producer’s memories. Regardless, Trial B was reevaluated by Tennōji to continue checking the fixed Undead battle and take out potential perils before he relinquishes to safeguard Shiori from Trial G.

Yoshito Hirose is portrayed by Junichi Haruta Haruta Jun’ichi).

Hiroshi Tennoji Ten’nōji Hiroshi) is the leader of BOARD who deliberately set up the plan of events in the fake Battle Fight and the creation of the Category Ace Kerberos, so he may have his misshaped dream of a different universe demand with himself as its ruler.





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