Skincell Vial 29-A: Ingredients and Information

As an innovative product on the beauty scene, Skincell Vial 29A comes with many inquiries. Skincell Vial 29A is not necessarily considered a face cream. It is more of a serum that has a ninety-nine percent concentration of peptide. The high concentrate percentage seems to have made this product capable of reducing wrinkles more than other beauty products on the market, as the experts indicate.

However, we wanted to see for ourselves, so we did an investigation on the exact ingredients that are in this  skincell pro  product. Some reports have indicated that the significant reduction in wrinkles makes this product potentially good for people who are concerned about their facial appearance.

There are a few other products that have made this claim and one of them is Prototype 37C. Both products seemed to have been developed by the same manufacturer, Elldia Laboratories. We found that the high peptide concentrate allowed the product to be less irritating to the skin. Products with high concentration of peptides will act as a moisturizer and rejuvenate the skin.

The product has several important peptides as its ingredients namely:

1. Eyeseryl – a tetra-peptide to get rid of puffiness under the eye

2. Matrixyl 3000 – repairs damages caused by aging

3. Syn-Coll – repair various skin issues related to aging

4. Acetyle penta-peptide – gets rid of fine lines

5. Acetyl hexa-peptide – stops new formed wrinkles

6. Acetyl octa-peptide – improves the depth of wrinkles

Pentapeptide-3 is the most active and powerful ingredient in SkinCell Vial #29 as it increases and stimulates the benefits of the additional peptides that are in the product. Pentapeptide-3 decreases the excitability of neurons, which results in the elimination of fine lines and reduction of wrinkles.

Peptides are naturally found in the body, but as aging increases, they are less obvious. Therefore, products that contain these natural ingredients make it less invasive on the skin and with no apparent side effects; unlike other beauty products with harsh ingredients and fillers.

Argireline is also another ingredient to mention that targets the breakdown of proteins and replaces them with one important component called hexapeptide. It also blocks the release of neurotransmitters and therefore, reduces the depth and length of wrinkles.

Skincell Vial 29A has a very popular reputation as a serum that prevents wrinkles but because of its high peptide concentration, it sets itself apart on the skin care shelves.

By having the right ingredients necessary for the reduction of wrinkles, Skincell Vial 29A seems to have the greatest potential than other products with less peptide percentage.

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