Spotting a Fake Designer Handbag

If you are interested in purchasing a high end designer handbag, do your homework first. If you are buying from an internet seller, you need to pay close attention to the smallest details in the photos. If you are not convinced, ask for more photos, or just move on to a reputable seller.

One very small detail, that may be overlooked, is the zipper pull. Most designers put their name or logo on the zipper pull. If you are buying online, ask for a picture of the zipper. The logo is usually engraved on other metal pieces of the handbag. Be thorough in your search, sometimes you may be able to fell the engraving. Check the quality of the metal used on the bag. If it is flaking or discolored it usually indicates a lower quality metal, and the bag is most likely a fake.

The quality and design of the fabric lining is an important clue as well. The fabric should be high quality and somewhat match the outside of the bag. The lining should be neatly sewn into the seams of the bag. Pay careful attention to the stitching, if it is uneven or loose or an odd color, it is most likely not a designer bag.

If the designer bag has a logo on the outside, examine the logo closely. Ensure it is the exact logo and  Replica Bag not a very close imitation. The logo should be uniform, straight, even all the way around the bag. Look for different color patterns that may indicate the logo was added after the bag was made, check for glue marks around the logo as well.

The quality of the material on the outside of the bag should be of the highest grade. Leather bags should be soft and have a leather smell to it. Fake leather can be easily identified, as thin or hard. A real leather bag will be heavier than an average bag.

It is always a good idea to compare the bag you want to purchase to an authentic bag by using either the designer’s web site or an authorized dealer. Look for specific details that were most likely not copied in a cheap knock off. Another key to spotting a fake is the price. If the price is significantly lower than what an authentic bag normally sells for, than most often it is a d


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