Your Marriage and Sex Lives! Do Something About it Before it is Too Late

How many people take the causes of snoring seriously? Do they realize the consequences of snoring like high blood pressure, tiredness, sleep deprivation, obstructive sleep apnea, bad breathe, etc. Statistically there has been more studies relating snoring to these issues and more. Do you know that snoring affects your sex lives? Being turned off due to snoring may account for many bedtime problems. The thought of a partner snoring is a plausible couples having sex
turn off during coupling in bed. How many long term causes of marriage night after night comes from the problem of snoring? Snoring may destroy your marriage with many sleepless night and night sleeping apart from one another. The unconscious dissatisfaction and grudge against one another as a result of snoring has many consequences.

Snoring effects your marriage and sex lives more than you think. When interviewed, Ms. Rena from Hong Kong laments that her sex life with husband is now completely destroyed by his snoring. Ms. Rena has been married to her husband now for 2 years. It started as an inconvenience when they moved in to stay together in her apartment after the marriage.

And every night her husband snores. Ms. Rena works as a senior merchandiser in a large foreign company with long hours and needed her sleep to keep her agility and alertness in her work. But with her husband snoring, she is starting to feel tired in work and sleepiness in the daytime which she says is affecting her work. In addition, she also feeling apprehension every night going to sleep which unconsciously is affecting her sleep. The couple has argued many times on this topic she disclosed.

Snoring product experts have these recommendations:

Couples should talk openly about the issue of snoring and find the best ways to solve the problem before it destroy the marriage. There are many simple and easy over-the-counter products now available in the market. Recently launched and clinically tested and proven products like Ysnore nasal spray works well for many snorers. Although each case is different from the rest.

Visiting specialist doctors can be expensive and painful if you have to undergo surgery to rectify your snoring which does not always guarantee results. Only up to 80% surgical procedure works and results varies individually with many cases returning to snoring after gaining weight and changing of diet.

More importantly, couples must take time to understand the nature and consequences of snoring. Whether it is causing a lifestyle issues or a medical one. Snoring cannot be ignored. The best thing to do is do something about it before it is too late.

A recent user test in Europe of 7 easily available anti snoring solution that consumer can buy over-the-counter in pharmacies and healthcare stores found that “nasal spray” anti snoring remedy to be the most effective and popular. The survey compared:


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